Chronology of Minoan Crete

This chronology of Minoan Crete is the one used by Andonis Vasilakis in his book on Minoan Crete, published by Adam Editions in 2000.

Pre-palace period 3500-1900 BCE
(first) Early Minoan I 3500-2900 BCE
(second) Early Minoan IIA, IIB 2900-2300 BCE
(third) Early Minoan III, Middle Minoan IA 2300-1900 BCE
Old Palace period 1900-1650 BCE
(first) Middle Minoan IB 1900-1800 BCE
(second) Middle Minoan IIA 1800-1750 BCE
(third) Middle Minoan IIB, IIIA 1750-1650 BCE
New Palace period 1650-1450 BCE
(first) Middle Minoan IIIB 1650-1600 BCE
(second) Late Minoan IA 1600-1500 BCE
(third) Late Minoan IB 1500-1450 BCE
Creto-Mycenaean period 1450-1100 BCE
Third Palace period, Late Minoan II, IIIA1 1450-1350 BCE
Post Palace period. Late Minoan IIIA2, IIIB, IIIC 1350-1100 BCE
Sub-Minoan period 1100-1000 BCE

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