Epano Zakros

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Just outside the village of Epano Zakros an LM I building was excavated in the 1960s. Unfortunately the building was seriously damaged by the construction of the modern road from Epano Zakros to Kato Zakros, where the palace is to be found. The original building had at least three terraces. On the lowest terrace there are scant remains of room 1, which contained a wine press. The fact that fresco fragments had fallen into this room from above suggests that the villa had some luxuriously decorated upper rooms. The rooms from the second terrace are rooms 3 and 2, with a drainage channel. Beyond these rooms are rooms 4 and, with a pillar in the centre, room 6. Room 6 was a large storeroom which contained eight large pithoi, on one of which was found a Linear A inscription. The third terrace was unfortunately badly damaged by the building of the road and little now remains.